About the improvement of criminal and criminal procedure legislation and the strengthening of the protection of individual rights

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On December 27, 2019, the Head of State signed the Law developed by the Prosecutor General’s Office together with interested state bodies on improving criminal, criminal procedure legislation and strengthening the protection of individual rights.
The law comes into force on January 11 of this year.
The Criminal Code reinforces liability for rape, theft, poaching, drug crimes, intoxicated driving, domestic violence and other socially dangerous crimes against the person.
In addition, liability has been introduced for the killing of a minor, cattle theft, propaganda and illegal advertising of drugs, illegal extraction and destruction of saigas and trafficking in derivatives, violation by a person driving a vehicle of traffic rules while intoxicated, use of violence and encroachment on the life of the state inspector for the protection of wildlife, huntsman .
The Code of Criminal Procedure reinforced the rights of participants in the process and expanded the grounds for the application of expedited pre-trial investigation and order proceedings. The size of the pledge upon release from punishment in connection with the guarantee has been reduced; the procedure for investigating criminal misconduct cases has been simplified; the oversight functions of the prosecutor’s office over the legality of decisions taken by colony employees and others have been strengthened.
The Code on Marriage and the Family introduced rules on the accreditation of organizations that will assist in the placement of orphans and children left without parental care in the families of citizens of Kazakhstan.
The Migration Law excludes the obligatory registration of foreigners within 5 days and introduces the obligation of the receiving persons (hotel administrations, relatives, etc.) to notify the internal affairs bodies about arrivals.
Press Service of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan